Support SAATH this Holiday

Dear Friends:

SAATH is part of’s US 15K End-of-Year Challenge. This holiday, remember the 46.5 million Indians living in slums, and your donation is eligible for a match from

Support SAATH through this holiday.

Many times, issues like persistent, extreme poverty seem insurmountable to us.  But the smallest gifts can make the biggest difference. For the 25 percent of urban Indians living on less than $15 per month, a gift of $15 is an investment in a family or person living in extreme poverty. With just $15, you can empower someone to start their own business venture; seek out new forms of employment; or to overcome their disability or disease. Our service users in slum areas pay a token fee for the services we provide. The rest is underwritten by donors like you.

Gifts from US-based donors who utilize to make a donation to SAATH between Dec. 15 and 31 are eligible for a match of up to $3,000!

Poverty estimates based on Tendulkar Poverty Report (2009).


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