Two month internship at SAATH

My name is Luciana Dornelles Hosannah, I am a Brazilian student and I’m currently finishing the second year of my master’s programme “Urban Development and International Cooperation” in Germany. Up until now, being based in Germany, I had only learned the theory of development work. This was quite different from seeing it in action, up close and personal. Doing an internship in India was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.
I came to SAATH after looking through several different NGO’s here, and I found that this NGO had the broadest, most comprehensive and integrated approach to development work that I could find. At SAATH I’ve seen in action what I had learned in theory during my master lessons.

My task at SAATH has been to create guidelines for standardized advocacy strategies that the URC’s (Urban Resource Centers) will implement. During this process, I had the opportunity to go to the field and observe many different projects, their day-to-day work and their impact in the communities. I was able to interview the URC directors and see how they work. I participated in different events, such as the watching the screening of a movie from the SAMVAD unit, going on the SAATH project tour and joining the Youth Group picnic. During this two month internship, not only have I been able to observe and learn how a grassroots organization works, but I’ve also had the opportunity to make my own contribution through my work.

I’m glad to say my internship in SAATH has given me experiences that I don’t believe I would get elsewhere. And I can continue my master’s programme with the knowledge and lessons I have gained here.


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