Monthly Archives: February 2010

Visit to SAATH’s Save the Children project

This blog post was written by SAATH intern, Luciana Hoshanna, after a visit to Laliya, one of the villages where SAATH and Save the Children are partnering to curb child labour and set up Anganwadi pre-schools. 

When arriving in the village, Laliya, we find a group of women waiting patiently for us next to the local Anganwadi (informal pre-school). These women have come to participate in the health campaign.

According to the government Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), children from 0 – 6 years of age, teenage girls, pregnant and lactating women have access to some health education, nutrition and vaccination. SAATH has been providing these services in partnership with Save the Children. The local population, however, sometimes doesn’t understand the importance of taking proper care of their health, and refuse to take the vaccines, they give the children’s nutrition supplements to the cows and don’t take care of themselves during pregnancy.

This campaign, through talks, discussion, games and movie screenings show the women the importance of these services and encourage them to take full advantage of them. Along with some biscuits and tea, the women learn more about their health and the importance of staying healthy for their children.