Love and Learning Blossom at Umeed

Bhavesh and Daksha Sagathiya were married in 2009. Four months after their marriage, Bhavesh fell from the fourth floor of a building he was working on. Bhavesh was a painter. The fall led to Bhavesh falling into a coma and the doctors not giving a very positive diagnosis of the situation. The family and Daksha were devastated. “I thought we’d lost him. The doctors told me he would at the most have two days to live, ” shares Daksha with tears in her eyes. The coma lasted 2 months and today Bhavesh is back on the track to recovery, however going back to his previous job was completely out of the question. “I still have trouble with walking and any activity that has too much of a physical strain,” says Bhavesh looking on at Daksha.

“The road show team came by our house and my in-laws told us that we both should sign up. I was not sure, but they were very encouraging and said that it would support Bhavesh. So we both signed up for the course,” says Daksha. “I am in the ITES course and he is in the hardware course. We come and go together. It’s nice.”

Bhavesh (22) has studied in college, but failed in his final year. Daksha (20) has passed the ninth standard. They live in Tulsinagar, Wadaj with Bhavesh’s parents and younger brother, who works in a cloth shop. “We teach each other. Since I learnt in an English medium school and college, I teach her English and she is very good at computers. Sometimes, when I cannot grasp a particular practical or concept, she patiently goes over it with me as many times as I need,” says Bhavesh.

“The centre coordinator Sharmistha has been very supportive and the faculty take out extra time when we need it. I have learned how to spell names and type on the computer. It’s been a month since we joined the course. I enjoy the life skills activities the most,” Daksha says, sharing a private smile with her husband.

For Bhavesh and Daksha it’s a new life, a new beginning, “And this programme has given us new hope,” adds Bhavesh.


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