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Saath Answers some Questions

During my graduation, I was a member of social service forum of our college.  A few questions used to puzzle me a lot then,

  1. Does scale always come at the cost of depth in impact?
  2. Can social activity be made independent of donor support through income generation from it?
  3. Is it really possible to have commercial solutions to social issues?

I used to think hard, however, could never gather enough insights to substantially reach to any conclusion.

This summer, I got an opportunity to rethink over some of these questions. During internship with Saath, there I could observe, feel and see the strive for the answers to the questions that had always puzzled me.

During my stint there, I also realized one of my faults in search for answers.  I always focused on thinking; the right thing of course was, doing, experimenting, inventing and refining. At Saath I saw that the focus is always on doing, trying. And this ability to take a risk of doing things is perhaps the key to find the right answers.

Brooding over issues doesn’t solve them, acting on them can. However this risk taking ability needs to be developed, nurtured and protected to keep it alive in everyday actions. As an intern also the kind of freedom of thought, expression and exploration that I enjoyed at Saath were rare to find in most other organizations.

Time of two and a half months may not help one discover all the answers however, my internship has given me a new line of thinking, acting and initiating. That I believe is rarest possible reward for any work.  If answers to above questions raised on above mentioned lines exist, Saath – as an organization- is perhaps the way to find them and see them in action too.

– Dhruv Joshi, Intern at Saath April- Jun2 2010 from FORE School of Management, New Delhi