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Stepping up to a challenge. Join in.


We thought of trying something new to raise funds.

Through the India Giving Challenge, Give India will match the funds we raise! Below are details about how you can go about it. It would be absolutely great if you could pass this on to those in your networks. The Challenge ends 2nd October – so we have the Joy of Giving Week to raise funds.

Saath has decided to join the India Giving Challenge! And it’s a challenge we cannot win without you.

The amount we raise within this coming week we will get a matching Grant from GiveIndia. It’s a double bonus!!

Our target is:

Rs. 5,00,000   =   ₤7018.57 / € 8,371 / $ 10,948

Why should you donate now?

You will help raise double the amount you donate to Saath!

Your donation will support urban programmes that are working towards employability of youth, getting children out of labour, supplementing nutrition for under nourished children in slums, subsidising a child’s higher education, giving families an opportunity to experience an improved life!

What do you need to do? SIMPLE

  1. Click on
  2. Register with Give India
  3. 9.1% of your donation will go to Give India, the remaining will come to Saath.
  4. Click the donate tab at the bottom and you can donate via netbanking, credit card or by sending in a cheque to the amount you pledge
  5. If you’re from India:  You will receive Income Tax benefits.
    1. If you’re from outside India, then you may not receive a tax rebate but you’re definitely making a huge difference to the life of vulnerable family and that too for as little 3$, €2,₤1.5

Its a click away! Pay it Forward.

Thank you for simply taking the time to read this. Your time is greatly appreciated.

It’s that time of the year to experience the Joy of Giving.