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The India Tax Saving Challenge 2011

In this attempt to raise funds for this organisation, I wanted to do it for the people who have worked selflessly, tirelessly for the thousands of slum residents and vulnerable rural households. If today, Saath reaches over 100,000 households in Gujarat and Rajasthan and hopefully soon Pan-India more, it is because of people who believe in what they do! The money you donate will go towards supporting the programmes they work in – education, health, livelihoods and employability training, linking slum residents to basic services and information, eradicating child labour in urban and rural Ahmedabad, supporting tangaliya, patola artisans in rural Surendranagar and many more.

Our community supporters and Saath to improve the lives of their community members. They inspire people around them to be a part of their own tomorrows – to contribute to it, to take an interest in their own development and look for innovative solutions. Saath’s staff who work tirelessly, with an inner motivation and belief that they are changing lives.Implementing projects, mobilising communities, developing new programmes, supporting finances and administration in Saath and leveraging and linking the market to the Bottom of the Pyramid population.

And lastly, but not the least.. our volunteers, and interns. There have been 100s who have contributed their time, skills to aid in a better tomorrow for children, youth, women, men, differently abled persons, farmers, artisans and so many others.

Saath is an Accredited member of Credibility Alliance.

With this donation, if you are an Indian donor you will receive a tax benefit.

As a foreign donor, you can donate to Saath as it has FCRA registration – but you would not receive any tax benefit.

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