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Support my School Telethon

NDTV organizes a special event for the Support my School Campaign. On Sunday September 18 there will be a Telethon with Sachin Tendulkar, from 9 am to 9 pm on all NDTV channels. Last Friday NDTV was shooting for this event at Moti Kishol Primary School and Asalgam Primary School in Viramgam. And Saath’s RDC team was there too! The NDTV team interviewed students and teachers of both schools that participated in the SMS campaign.

NDTV in action: Interviewing a student at Moti Kishol Primary School

Support My School is a campaign initiated by NDTV and Coca Cola India and is supported by Charities Aid Foundation India (CAF). The campaign supports schools to improve the infrastructure at their sites. The main components are:
• improve water facilities
• improve sanitation facilities
• provide rain water harvesting
• improve facilities for sports
• facilitate landscaping

Saath’s role concerned the identification of schools and implementation of the programme. To ensure its sustainability, a follow up will be conducted after 6 months of implementation. In April this year Saath started the implementation of the Support My School campaign in 4 urban schools and 5 rural schools in Ahmedabad district.

Playground at Asalgam Primary School facilitated by the SMS campaign

On September 18 there will be a NDTV team stand by for live coverage at Goblej Primary School in Ahmedabad. You’re invited to come to the event or tune in on NDTV.

For more info visit the Support my School page at the NDTV website.

Supportive regards,
Chetasi & Simea – The RDC team