India Tax Saving Challenge 2012

Like last year, Give India organizes a Tax Challenge event. This online giving event is held from February 21 till March 22, 2012. As the 31st of March is the  deadline for filing tax returns in India, now is the time to donate!

What’s in it for us?
The top 3 of NGOs that raise most funds, will receive a matching grant. In addition there will be daily and weekly surprise grants worth up to 16 lakhs in total!

What’s in it for you?
Indian citizens will receive 100% tax deduction for donations in favour of our organization, as Saath is listed u/s 35 AC of the Income Tax bill.

What’s in it for the community?
The stories on this blog provide you an overview of the kind of work we do. Your donation will support inclusive development in urban and rural areas. Saath is an organization by the community for the community. We initiate, develop and implement programmes that are working towards the employability of youth, getting children out of labour and into school, supplementing nutrition for under nourished children in slums, subsidising a child’s higher education, giving families an opportunity to sustainable livelihoods.

To give you an example: Rs. 500,- provides a healthy meal a day for a child labourer for two months.

What do you need to do?
1.     Click on the followling link
2.     Click the donate tab at the bottom. You can donate via netbanking, credit card or by sending in a cheque to us with the amount you pledge.

Its just a click away!

Thank you for simply taking the time to read this.


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