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Visit from CCDT – Umeed, Mumbai

Committed Communities Development (CCD) Trust , Mumbai is an organization actively associated with marginalized communities in the slums of Mumbai and its suburbs. Health and Education are two major sectors of their interventions with special focus on family and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.Umeed is a project of CCDT. Umeed envisions empowering children and community through an integrated approach that will make them aware of their rights and strengthen their abilities to lead an enhanced quality of life and contribute positively in the process of development.

Today 8 people from CCDT – Umeed came to visit Saath. They were interested in programmes and their working. They are also running similar programmes in Bandra, Nalasopara and Dahisar area of Mumbai and hence were interested in knowing how Saath executes its programmes and its strategies for involving Government and Communities in their programmes.

Overall orientation of Saath, its history, current programmes and its marketing strategies were given to them. Discussions were made on Programme implementation and its sustainability.

Picture 001-1

“Our team got good exposure in areas of intervention of Saath. Sustainability methods adopted by Saath are good. Programmes of Saath are good, as we CCDT always looks for right based approach. Mr. Kunal Patel and his team gave good exposure to our Umeed team. Wishing good for organization and its people. Thank You, Saath” Parag, Project Coordinator, Ummed – CCDT.

For the pictures of the visit you can go to our facebook page.


Economically Weaker Section (EWS) Housing – Street Plays

EWS Housing Resettlement is a SAATH initiative under JNurm. 6,120 houses come under the EWS project, affecting around 30,600 individuals. This program helps in formation of resident associations, facilitates the collection of maintenance charges and also provides loan repayment facilities. It aims at a proper rehabilitation of resettled communities. We are currently working on 9 different sites located in the areas of Odhav, Vatva, Isanpur, Ganeshnagar, Dudeshwar and Behrampura in Ahmedabad.

The people resettled to this EWS sites are facing many problems. Some of these are:

  • A totally different atmosphere in EWS housing sites as compared to their original resident places.
  • The people at sites have the mentality that the Municipal Corporation will give them all the basic facilities and maintain them for free throughout their lives.
  • Because of the resettlement disruption in their livelihood options and social life
  • Delay in the education of their children
  • Nuisance of anti-social elements and nearby old residents
  • A lack of quality facilities: bad quality water, broken pipelines etc.

Hence to educate the people about their new residential places, maintaining them and keeping them clean and the importance of forming housing associations SAATH has organized street plays in all the sites. The main goals of the street play are:

  • Create awareness in people about cleanliness, health and hygiene
  • Form a strong Service Society
    • Bring representatives from each block
    • Election for the different posts of Service Society
    • Formation of by-laws of Service Society
    • Collection of Share – contribution
    • Opening of bank account for the Society
    • Exposure visits
  • Enrolling the youth in livelihoods programmes of SAATH
  • Through URC project bring out positive change in their lives


The street plays have been running from the 15th of May at different sites. For more pictures of the street play you can visit our facebook page.

Invitation from Youth Group

Dear Friends,

Youth Force Ahmedabad is holding an event on the 26th of May, which will include a ‘Career Choice Workshop’ and talent show.

The career workshop is organized so as to give guidance to the members of Youth Groups, their siblings or their neighbours and friends who are studying in 10th, 12th or doing their graduation. Along with the carrier guidance there will also be a talent show. In the talent show members of youth groups of different areas will give various performances. Performances will include drama, dance, mimicry, singing etc.

We invite you all, and we hope that you will grace us with your presence at the event.

  • Place: Geeta Hall, Bhavans College, Near Cama Hotel, Khanpur, Ahmedabad
  • Timings: 1:30 PM to 5:00 Pm

If you require any more information about the event you can contact Paresh Bhai. His email address is and his contact number is +91 98795 47606

See you at the event.

Urmila Home Managers

SAATH’s home managers programme; Urmila, on 18TH May felicitated their women work force with a kit which would help them in their future endeavours comprising of all the essentials.

Urmila, started in 2004, trains women who are unemployed and belong to the weaker section of the society, the well-being to be maintained in the house and then places them accordingly after thorough On-the-Job training. Such a set up guarantees their share of earning and social comfort. Hence granting them financial independence as well as restoring dignity in their lives.

Picture 473

The felicitation program started at around 11:00 in the morning where first the women were tested upon their skills that they were trained in such as ironing the clothes, bed arranging etc. Once tested, the Essential’s Kit was distributed among the women which consisted of water bottle, Lunch Box, grooming kit, Telephone Diary and a handy pen. The women were also equipped with Aprons and gloves to maintain hygiene while working and a watch was given to each member to keep a track of time and help them reach on-time to their specified houses. Along with all these necessities they were also given a utility bag which would come in handy daily to them.

A health check for these ladies set in collaboration with Civil Hospital next week where necessary tests like Blood test and cardio check has been duly arranged.

To see the pictures of the ceremony you can visit our facebook page


With a motive of ‘freedom from a conditioned existence’ known as Kaivalya in Indian spiritual thought, arrived 8 highly motivated their young leaders of the Gandhi fellowship programme in SAATH to understand our core value system and operational well being on field. A three day’s visit to our programme centres as well as an interactive session with our project co-ordinators and the group members was organised duly.


On the first day, after a brief orientation on our organisation and the programmes they had the chance to interact with our Executive Director, Keren Nazareth who then unfolded the story behind Saath and how we have evolved as an organisation. The underlining fact which was the highlight of the interactive session was why there is an immediate need to cater to the needs of the ‘urban’ poor and underprivileged. With the interactive session coming to a conclusion we then lead the group to the URC i.e. Urban Resource Centre at Vasna for a field interface. Here they had the opportunity to meet and know the stories of the women involved with Saath and how URC as an aid has helped them empower their social as well economic well being. Later in the evening we headed to the URC centre at Juhapura, where they had a lively and healthy communication with Zuber Bhai, our programme co-ordinator who narrated stories on how he got involved with Saath and motivated his community to think rationally and talk and discuss about progress and women development in particular.

Day Two was one of the most interesting field visits. The whole day was scheduled to be spent at the UMEED centre at Behrampura where young talented youth who due to social and economic constraints were not able to pursue their education ahead and are not eligible for employment, are trained in Computers, Elementary English and are given professional training in various courses. The youth leaders from Gandhi fellowship shared their experience of motivation and inspiration with the students of the Umeed programme and in response; the students too shared their life stories and cleared their doubts regarding finding inner inspiration and motivation. An interactive session was then set up with the faculty and management at the centre and questions regarding the functions, operations and discrepancies faces were all well answered. In the evening then a vigorous session took place where the Youth Force a newly introduced programme posed their queries against the Gandhi fellows regarding group formation, involvement and structure was all discussed in great detail with rising levels of zeal and drive.

The last day was a day dedicated to introspection and feedback. A meeting again with the executive director was arranged where in healthy feedbacks were exchanged and our guests shared their experiences with Saath.

To see the pictures of this journey you can visit our facebook page at