Urmila Home Managers

SAATH’s home managers programme; Urmila, on 18TH May felicitated their women work force with a kit which would help them in their future endeavours comprising of all the essentials.

Urmila, started in 2004, trains women who are unemployed and belong to the weaker section of the society, the well-being to be maintained in the house and then places them accordingly after thorough On-the-Job training. Such a set up guarantees their share of earning and social comfort. Hence granting them financial independence as well as restoring dignity in their lives.

Picture 473

The felicitation program started at around 11:00 in the morning where first the women were tested upon their skills that they were trained in such as ironing the clothes, bed arranging etc. Once tested, the Essential’s Kit was distributed among the women which consisted of water bottle, Lunch Box, grooming kit, Telephone Diary and a handy pen. The women were also equipped with Aprons and gloves to maintain hygiene while working and a watch was given to each member to keep a track of time and help them reach on-time to their specified houses. Along with all these necessities they were also given a utility bag which would come in handy daily to them.

A health check for these ladies set in collaboration with Civil Hospital next week where necessary tests like Blood test and cardio check has been duly arranged.

To see the pictures of the ceremony you can visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/saathahmedabad.


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