Economically Weaker Section (EWS) Housing – Street Plays

EWS Housing Resettlement is a SAATH initiative under JNurm. 6,120 houses come under the EWS project, affecting around 30,600 individuals. This program helps in formation of resident associations, facilitates the collection of maintenance charges and also provides loan repayment facilities. It aims at a proper rehabilitation of resettled communities. We are currently working on 9 different sites located in the areas of Odhav, Vatva, Isanpur, Ganeshnagar, Dudeshwar and Behrampura in Ahmedabad.

The people resettled to this EWS sites are facing many problems. Some of these are:

  • A totally different atmosphere in EWS housing sites as compared to their original resident places.
  • The people at sites have the mentality that the Municipal Corporation will give them all the basic facilities and maintain them for free throughout their lives.
  • Because of the resettlement disruption in their livelihood options and social life
  • Delay in the education of their children
  • Nuisance of anti-social elements and nearby old residents
  • A lack of quality facilities: bad quality water, broken pipelines etc.

Hence to educate the people about their new residential places, maintaining them and keeping them clean and the importance of forming housing associations SAATH has organized street plays in all the sites. The main goals of the street play are:

  • Create awareness in people about cleanliness, health and hygiene
  • Form a strong Service Society
    • Bring representatives from each block
    • Election for the different posts of Service Society
    • Formation of by-laws of Service Society
    • Collection of Share – contribution
    • Opening of bank account for the Society
    • Exposure visits
  • Enrolling the youth in livelihoods programmes of SAATH
  • Through URC project bring out positive change in their lives


The street plays have been running from the 15th of May at different sites. For more pictures of the street play you can visit our facebook page.


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