My Experience at Saath – Ishan Bhatt

scan0001My internship at SAATH was a real grounding experience. Having said that my journey in the organization was absolutely phenomenal. I got an opportunity to learn new things every single day and the atmosphere at SAATH allowed me to grow into a better human being. It made me realize that even though our country is developing in leaps and bounds we ignore a very large section of the society. We have failed to understand the true meaning of ” Human Progress“. When I visited the different centers of SAATH present in urban slums  I realized that my country is not so “Vibrant” as I had thought.

A very large section of our society still does not have access to even the basic facilities. The work undertaken by SAATH  for the upliftment of the urban slum population is commendable. I got a chance to meet the beneficiaries of various programmes of SAATH and it made me extremely proud that I am contributing to an organization which is really working hard to promote the standard of living of the urban and the rural poor. Each and every member of the organization is extremely dynamic and whole-heartedly committed to their work. The experience has certainly taught me to value what i have in life. The organization works like an  “Well Oiled Machine“.


Every single staff member is warm, friendly and extremely helpful. My coordinators and  project heads were  “ever-ready” to solve any doubt or query, small or big. I hope that in the coming years many more people would be benefited by the different programmes of SAATH. I am extremely thankful and fell privileged that I got an opportunity to intern at such a wonderful organization.


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