The Environment Day

What is environment (to you)? When asked this question to some people here are some responses: “Environment is the surrounding atmosphere”, “It is the presence of fresh air”, “The surroundings in which a person, animal, or plant lives”. From textbook definitions to vague ideas were the general responses from the people. The general idea of the people about environment is forest cover, wildlife conservation, weather conditions.

What people fail to see is the delicate web that this surrounding comprises of which the nature has built and is essential for the survival of our planet and all its living beings. When asked about Global Warming people say that due to greenhouse effect the temperature of the earth goes up, which results in melting of snow, rise of the ocean levels and the drastic change in climate. What people fail to see is that due to this rise in temperature is breaking the delicate system that the nature has built which is bringing about slow death of thousands of living creatures.


We should take into consideration that this effect on environment that is having severe effect on our earth is caused by us. It is our responsibility to correct our ways. The environment would not be conserved by the effort of just one person but we all will have to come together for its conservation.

People have different plan for today about how they are going to celebrate the “Environment Day”. When asked people gave thoughts about how they will become more environmentally conscious now. Something concrete is though going to be done by the youth of our Youth Force Programme today. They are going to do a ‘Tree Plantation‘ today in the afternoon at Vidhya Sarita Prathmik school, located near Amar shopping center, Opposite Asopalav society, Vatva. Their aim is not to just plant trees but also to take all future care of them and be environmentally conscious from now on and also spread awareness about the issue.


Do tell us how you spent the environment day today.


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