11th June, 2013 – My First Day at Saath

I, AvijitNew Pictureh Chandramouli am studying Electrical Engineering in PDPU, I came to know about SAATH through my friends. After visiting SAATH, I felt that I liked its initiatives and landed up here to do my first internship. I started my internship at SAATH without really knowing what the organisation does and how it reaches out to the needy people. But now, after visiting an Urban Resource center of SAATH, I really came to experience the difficulties that the vast majority of the urban poor feel in India, difficulties that I had previously only imagined.

I noticed how the URC program of SAATH is a one-stop centre for the urban poor people of the locality to know about the various schemes of the government for them and also how the SAATH employees work with dynamic skills and abundant patience in making these people understand and use these schemes for their benefit.

In the afternoon, I visited the Microfinancing centre of SAATH learnt about how it promotes and tries to inculcate the habit of saving among the people who lead a miserable hand-to-mouth existence by making it compulsory for them to save a certain amount before they start receiving loans so that they learn its advantage in times of adversity. Moreover, these micro-loans help the destitute to realise their goals and be satisfied. By this method, SAATH is helping the people become self-sufficient and become able to stand on their own legs by promoting micro-entrepreneurship and helping them come out of hopeless vicious debt cycles. I also heard miraculous real life stories about people who have become successful with help from SAATH and was astonished beyond measure.

Finally, at the end of my first day at SAATH, I felt that if there are organisations as selfless as SAATH in prioritising and promoting the cause of the needy and destitute in India and in imbuing in them a sense of fortitude to carry on in life, that day will not be far off when we see a fully united and enlightened India without poverty.


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