World Day Against Child labour – 2

Copy of Child Labours Day-12-6-13-3

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Shabnam, Mubirshira and Khalid live in the Fatehwadi area of Juhapura with their parents. Due to poor financial condition they could not continue their studies. To support her family Mubirshira started maid work at a nearby bungalow along with her mother and her brother – sister also started to work at a nearby local store packing food materials. They came into contact of Saath’s field worker and they narrated their story to them. Field worker then met their mother and convinced her to send them to CFS center. Finally she agreed to send them to the CFS center.  All of them were dropouts so CFS centre teacher took initiative and met nearby School’s Principal and tried to convince him to enroll them into School’s STP course.  Principal finally agreed and they were enrolled into STP course.  After completing STP course Shabnam and Khalid got admitted to 2nd standard and Mubirshira was admitted in 3rd standard.“We love to go to the school because teachers are very good and we have made lots of friend here”, says Mubirshira.


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