Harpreet is currently studying MBA in Tech – Civil from NMIMS. He was an intern with Saath for 1 month and worked with Saath’s Nirman Programme and RDC Department.

Given below is his experience with Saath in his own words

“The decision of me joining SAATH for doing internship has become one of the most worthy and important decisions in my life that truly paid off well. By joining SAAIMG_0674TH I got the chance to learn things, I wasn’t aware only of. At SAATH, I went for field visits and by them, I realized that the belief that our nation as a whole is growing every day is completed incorrect, only a sections of the society are developing, not all. Some people still struggle for their daily necessities every day just so that they can survive. Even toilets, clothes, food and shelter are not available for all.

On the first day of internship, I just thought of SAATH of just being like other NGO’s who just take so many initiatives and hardly fulfill very few of them. But gradually as my internship carried on, I realized that SAATH was very different from other NGO’s. Each member is SAATH is very active and very dedicated to his work. When time passed by I truly understood that why do people respect SAATH very much, and I am very proud to be a part of it.


Harpreet on the right with the RDC team

The working atmosphere at SAATH is very friendly as well as professional. No staff member is to be seen wasting time, but all of them are always there to help with our doubts without any hesitation. Though I was there for only some but still I was treated very well. A special thanks to the RDC Department for taking me as an intern in their prestigious organization.”


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