aProCh – Creating a Child Friendly City

aProCh – ‘a Protagonist in every Child’ is a citywide initiative started by The Riverside School (www.schoolriverside.com) (www.aproch.org) to make Ahmedabad India’s first Child Friendly City. aProCh believes in ‘designing for’ and the ‘nurturing of’ Childhood. aProCh has recently partnered with Saath for its children studying in Child Friendly Spaces. As per this in all the activities that aProCh is going to organize children from Saath’s education programmes will also participate so that these underprivileged children can get exposure to the places outside their areas.

aProch has many initiative, one of which is ‘Parents of the Park’. It is an initiative where children experience “childhood”. Once a week, the municipality offers the park for children. During this time children engage in activities that enable them to have positive childhood scripting. The most recent event was onthe 30th June at Parimal Garden. 60 children from Saath’s two CFS centres went to the park. At the Garden, Story Telling, Art and Craft Workshops, Magic Shows and other creative activities were there to transport children into the beautiful world of imagination, curiosity and creativity. Various experts in their fields were called for making the park alive. IMG_0739 IMG_0755

Story Telling  of the story ‘The Hawker and the Monkeys’





Children enjoying       Magic Show



Another initiative is the Movie’ing experience. Based on the belief that ‘From to whom much is GIVEN, much is EXPECTED‘ this initiative humbly asks the City’s multiplex theaters, corporates and citizens to open its spaces and hearts for the underprivileged children of the city. aProCh will invite 150  underprivileged children every month to see popular cinema and enjoy a thrilling Multiplex experience. For this on the 16th of July 70 children from Saath’s 3 CFS centres were taken by aProCh to Gandhinagar for the screening of the movie ‘Policegiri’ which the children enjoyed immensely as for most of the children it was their first opportunity to go to a theater to watch a movie. IMG_1489 IMG_1510

Children at the Theater





Children dancing in front of the screen at the movie

Saath is very much thankful to aProCh for giving these experience to the children who are getting an amazing exposure and also we look forward to  all the activities that we will do together in the future.We will keep on updating to you about the upcoming events.

Also for more pictures for these you can visit our facebook page.


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