Youth Force visits Children with Cancer in local hospital

Last Saturday on 20th of July, members of Saath’s Youth Force Program were given the opportunity to visit young Cancer patients in the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad. In order to brighten up the day of the little ones, they engaged in painting activities and distributed cookies among them. TheP1170549 Civil Hospital is known for offering free treatment for children who suffer from Cancer, relieving the parents by taking off the financial burden that they have to carry on top of their fear for their child’s life. Most of the parents have visited the hospital regularly for multiple months, spending a week in the hospital, and three weeks back at home. Some families even travel 800 km to have their child treated by the specialists.

The 42 members from the Youth Force Ahmedabad were very touched by the brave way the children dealt with their disease, but also said how lucky they felt to be able to help both the children and their parents by distracting them from their sorrow, even though it was only for a few hours. The children were more than happy when they were handed the pens and paper and most of them started drawing right away, sometimes supported by their parents.


One of the kids at the ward with his painting

Afterwards, the girls were given more information about Cancer and related issues by the hospital. The girls found this presentation very helpful and expressed their thank towards the hospital for giving them the opportunity to learn more about such an important issue and being able to help in making life a little better for the patients.


Youth Force team at the hospital

The Youth Force of Saath was founded in 2012 with the purpose of giving the young talented people from difficult backgrounds the possibility of engaging in discussions about issues, planning and engaging in cultural and leisure activities. It is meant to empower them in their strengths and give them a lookout for a bright future. 996 youth are engaged in the program, spread around the cities of Ahmedabad, Surjat, Rajkot, Vadodara of Gujarat and Mumbai, Maharashtra.

If you are interested in more information about the Youth Force, feel free to contact the coordinator Mr. Paresh Sakariya ( Also, do visit our facebook page for more pictures of this visit as well as pictures of different activities done by Youth Force members in their cities.


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