Voice of the Youth – 2

This is the story of a Youth who wants to become a Youth Icon and Saath’s Umeed and Youth Force have been instrumental for him in achieving his goal


About Umeed and Youth Force:

Umeed: Established in 2005, Umeed, the programme was formulated where young talented youth who due to social and economic constraints are not able to pursue their education ahead and thus are not eligible for employment are trained in various professional courses, which then makes them qualified for a salaried position at an organisation through a vigorous process of placement and counseling.

Youth Force: : Established in 2012, Youth Force is new change programme incorporated at SAATH which aims at providing a platform to the youth of the urban poor settlement. This program currently looks at forming Youth force groups where young talented youth gather discuss upon issues, plan and execute activities, drives and cultural programs forming a doorway to leisure activities as well as empowering them with confidence and problem solving practices.


Nineteen year old Rahul Makwana a resident of Behrampura, Ahmedabad comes from a family of four members. He is pursuing his Bachelors in Business New Picture (17)Administration from G.L.S., Ahmedabad. Nitin’s father works full-time at an import export workshop and is earning Rs.10,000 every month which nowadays is not enough to meet the requirements of a four member family. Rahul came to know about the UMEED course through his neighbor who had already attended the tally course at the Behrampura UMEED center. He approached the center for the details of the courses like its structure and its fees. He had always had a keen interest in accounts and so decided to join the tally course. Rahul explains “Initially I did have my concerns and doubts about what and how would they teach in the course since the cost of the course was a minimalistic Rs. 500. The timings were never a constraint as I joined the course during the vacation period. Even after the college commenced my professors were extremely supportive of me and were ready to be flexible with my timings. The course structure itself was perfect for me. Along with training in tally I got a chance for personal development. I was always interested in event management and with the help of the UMEED trainers I was able to organize a talent show when our course was near its conclusion. The instructors gave me a free platform to speak and allowed free flow of views and ideas”. On the completion of the course Rahul got placed at a call center however after going for a week he quit. He felt the work atmosphere at the call-center was such that it did not leave any room for personal growth. He was then placed at an accounting firm by the UMEED PLACEMENT CELL where he received a pay of Rs.4500 per month.

Rahul decide to visit the UMEED center after a few months to collect his certificate. He had a chance meeting with Sandeep Panchal (Ahmedabad co-coordinator of Youth Force) who happened to be present at the center at the time of Rahuls visit. Rahul was immediately interested in the Youth Force. Rahul still had some doubts about the working of the Youth Force programme.  Sandeep gave him an opportunity to attend the youth group meeting that was to take place the following weekend.  The meeting had a profound effect on Rahul. Rahul enthusiastically enrolled himself in the youth force. Rahul voices his opinion on the programme, saying “It acts as a great platform for the youth from the slums to hone their natural talents and grow as individuals. This is instrumental in an individual’s growth. The Youth Force programme is instrumental in connecting youth and helps the individual in understanding the importance of team building and team work. For the economic and social growth of India the development of youth resource is utmost important. The programme also helps in instilling the qualities of team building and leadership skill development. One unique feature of the programme is that everyone is treated as equals may it be the team leader or a new member of the group”.

Along with his group of friends Rahul has been instrumental in the formation of an online shopping site Kharidijunction.com under the guidance of their professor. He now earns around Rs.15,000 a month.    He explains “It is the attitude of a person which can decide his success.  One should always have an adjusting attitude and should be open to everyone’s views. One should be curious to learn new things. Listening is an important key for growth. It is the mental blocks in our mindset which hinders our growth. It is also necessary to face ones fear rather than running away from them.  The most important step to become successful is to first decide what success is. Different people have different perspectives on what can be defined as success. The word “I” should not exist in one’s dictionary. The word “I” should be replaced by “WE”.

In today’s time Rahul feels that the youth sometimes undervalues his own skills. Rahul draws inspiration from his icon Dhirubhai Ambani. The patriotic feeling in him is clearly reflected by the fire in his eyes. He wants to become a youth role model for all his peers who are still struggling to find their foot in the society.


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