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Saath Savings and Credit Cooperative: Leelaben’s Story

Here’s the story of Leelaben an active member of the Saath’s Saving and Credit Cooperative, who has set up her own shop with the help of the Cooperative.

I want everyone to know about and benefit from Saath: Leela Khatik

New Picture (1)Leela Khatik in the shop she set up with a Productive Loan from Saath.

She might look like an old, frail lady, but she surprises you with her feisty approach towards life. The 60-odd-year-old woman, Leela Khatik, has been an active member of Saath since many years. She started with the Compulsory Savings Plan and went on to deposit more money in the Voluntary Savings Plan as well.

“Whenever I needed help, my field officer was there. She also helped me through the several loans I took for social events, home repairs and finally a loan, which was the fourth cycle in the programme, to set up my own shop. Today, I am financially independent and have paid off several loans that I had taken from the market, thanks to the support I received from Saath,” said Leelaben.

She added, “I also work at a bungalow after having completed Saath’s Urmila Home Managers’ programme. I am so satisfied with the services I have received from Saath, that I ensure field officers cover any new residents in the area. I want everybody to know about their services so that they can also benefit from this microfinance initiative.”

Story by – Ms. Devina Sarwatay (Intern at Saath)