Celebrating 25 Years!

This Friday, 28th February 2014, marks the Silver Jubilee for Saath. Initiated in 1989 by Mr. Rajendra Joshi today Saath has grown as an institution which has over its 25 years impacted more than 4,00,000 people, has over 50 funding partners and more than 500 people joining as team members.

Saath_25_Yeras_logo_High ResolutionIn its journey of 25 years beginning in 1989 with health, education and community leadership programmes over the years Saath has run programmes such as Slum Networking Project (1996-2001) for providing basic infrastructure facilities in slums in which 97% (1,164) households of Pravinangar – Guptanagar areas got covered, Slum Electrification Project (2003-2004) for providing legal metered electric connections to slum households in which 1,400 households in Juhapura got meters, Relief and Rehabilitation work during 1992 and 2002 communal riots and during earthquake in 2001, Vocational training programme (2005-till date) for youth in which till date over 50,331 youth have been trained and 76% placements, Nirman(2011-till date) programme for informal sector workers, launching of Youth Force in 2012 to provide a platform to the urban slum youth and many more. In all of its programmes Saath has received tremendous support from the community, garnered support from national and international institutions, a steady stream of interns and volunteers and numerous awards and recognitions for its work.

To commemorate this milestone event Saath has planed to release a book on “Tribute to Communities”. This book commemorates the communities and people who have worked behind the scenes to create some amazing change. The book is an effort by Saath to thank all men, women, youth and children of every community who have engaged with Saath over its journey.

Binder1_Page_01Cover Page of the Book

As part of Saath team, I wish all the success to Saath and hope that it will keep on growing and continue to work for the progress of the community


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