Creating Empowered Citizens

The Urban Resource Centres of Saath work as information, knowledge and resource hubs for the slum dwellers. They provide linkages for documentation and certification, government schemes and services, livelihoods and financial inclusion. Given below is the story of Salma Hanif Kukdawala, who has benefited through the centre.

45 years old Salma is a widow, whose husband died about a year ago in an accident. She is now the soul earning member of the family taking care of her 70 year old mother in law and 3 children (2 daughters and 1 son). Without losing any hope after her husbands death, she currently works as a domestic maid and stitches clothes in home through which she earns Rs. 1,000-1,500 per month, not enough to feed the family.

She came to know about the Urban Resource Centre run by Saath through one of her neighbours and visited the centre to inquire. The URC centre helped her in getting Income Certificate, Pan Card and BPL (Below Poverty Line) Card. She was linked with the Widow Pension Scheme through which she gets a support of Rs. 700 per month and the Widow certificate she has will be renewed every year along with her income certificate.

new-picture-14Salma with her son at the URC Centre

With the BPL card and Widow Certificate she will also get a one time help of Rs. 20,000 and she may be able to get a new house from the government as well for which the URC is currently working. The URC additionally helped her for getting a Ration Card through which she gets 6 liters of Kerosene every month from nearby ration store and the URC got her voting card information corrected as well. She has opened her Bank Account as well and getting scholarship of Rs. 400 per annum from government for her children. She was linked with Ma Amrutam Yojana of Government through which she now has health insurance coverage.

She says, “When I first approached the centre, I never knew so many schemes and services were available from the government for the benefit of the poor. Now I’m in a better position to support my family and am looking at further options to increase my income.”



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