SAATH Charitable Trust

SAATH is a non-governmental organization, registered as a Public Charitable Trust (E-7257) with the Charity Commissioner, Ahmedabad in February 1989. In Gujarati the word Saath means, `Together, Co-operation, a Collective or Support’. SAATH’s mission is to make human settlements equitable living environments, where all residents and vulnerable people have access to health, education, essential infrastructure services and livelihood options, irrespective of their economic and social status. SAATH’s one-stop, integrated services reach over 4,00,000 individuals in Gujarat and Rajasthan. SAATH caters to multiple needs of the poor by providing them with one-stop centres, through which they have access to services such as health, education, employment, micro finance and affordable housing. SAATH engages institutions, corporate and individuals throughout the world as partners and supporters for the integrated development of India. Co-investment is a key feature of our approach, meaning community members pay a token fee for all of our services. Thus, SAATH empowers them as customers, not beneficiaries.

SAATH conceptualized the Integrated Development Programme for the slums of Ahmedabad in 1989. Since then it has facilitated participatory processes that improve the quality of life for the urban and rural poor. SAATH runs programmes for women, children, men and youth in areas of livelihoods, capacity building, health and education, physical infrastructure improvement, Urban Resource Centres, slum development and natural resource management. It also has a documentation and research cell and provides development support to other organisations or agencies.

Given below is a brief synopsis of our coverage area.

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