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The Joy of Giving Week – 2nd to 8th Oct

Next month is ‘The Joy of Giving‘ week which will be celebrated for the 5th time jgw.jpgacross India. Started in 2009, the idea for celebrating it didn’t came from a single person or organisation. Between Nov – 2008 and Feb – 2009, several individuals, NGO leaders and others got together and decided to launch an “India Giving Week”, that would be an open platform encouraging everyone in India to give back. Specific events were organised for the week and “Joy of Giving Week” brand identity was created in March 2009.

So, what’s the week? Well, it’s a festival for giving. The week begins on the birthday of the Father of our Nation and during the week various individuals, schools. colleges, social groups, NGOs, Companies organise various events to raise funds for donation. In 2012, events were organised in 70+ cities across India, so do check the website, there may be an event in your city that you can participate in or volunteer as there is always need for more volunteers. Do participate in the week and bring joy in someone’s life.

Now, for the people in Ahmedabad, “FoodforChange – 2013” is the event that is going to be held in the city on Oct – 6. Saath is a partner for this event and your participation will help Saath in providing education and nutrition to child labourers, offer skills to disenfranchised youth and women and in various other social development programmes. Details for the event are in the poster below and for any more information do write us at

Food for Change 7

Don’t miss out on this week and celebrate the festival of giving and bring a smile in someone’s life.

Give for Youth – 3 Days to Go

Give for Youth is Microsoft YouthSpark programme in partneship with Global Giving.

Between June 11 – 18 Microsoft is matching 50% of donations for micro-projects uploaded on Global Giving. Saath has currently 2 micro-projects active for this campaign.

pict_grid7A training program, specially designed for 20 young women who are school dropouts or widows and who belong to economically backward community from the slums of Ahmedabad. The training program provides knowledge of House Keeping, Basic Computer, Basic English and Life skill. It will also give an opportunity to the young women to place themselves on an equal footing with men in the increasingly competitive job market.

pict_grid7SAATH have come up with a training module specially designed for 20 young women coming from economically weak background, less educated community from the slums of Ahmedabad. The training program provides knowledge of Basic English, Basic Computer, Bed Site Patient Assistant and Life skill. The program will give an opportunity to young women to make themselves self-reliant.

Do take the initiative help these women. Click on the names of the projects to go to donation page. While the projects are eligible for funding for 3 months, the Microsoft’s campaign to match funds is for 3 more days only. So, don’t miss the opportunity to create a change.

Thank You for taking the time to read this.

World Day Against Child labour – 2

Copy of Child Labours Day-12-6-13-3

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give_india                                gg_stacked_color                 

Shabnam, Mubirshira and Khalid live in the Fatehwadi area of Juhapura with their parents. Due to poor financial condition they could not continue their studies. To support her family Mubirshira started maid work at a nearby bungalow along with her mother and her brother – sister also started to work at a nearby local store packing food materials. They came into contact of Saath’s field worker and they narrated their story to them. Field worker then met their mother and convinced her to send them to CFS center. Finally she agreed to send them to the CFS center.  All of them were dropouts so CFS centre teacher took initiative and met nearby School’s Principal and tried to convince him to enroll them into School’s STP course.  Principal finally agreed and they were enrolled into STP course.  After completing STP course Shabnam and Khalid got admitted to 2nd standard and Mubirshira was admitted in 3rd standard.“We love to go to the school because teachers are very good and we have made lots of friend here”, says Mubirshira.

World Day Against Child Labour

Today 12th June Saath is observing “World Day Against Child Labour” and theme for this year is “No to Child Labour in Domestic Work”.

Child Labours Day-12-6-13-2

Saath has been addressing the issue of child labour through its ‘Child Friendly Spaces‘ (CFS) programme.

The aim of CFS programme is to enroll the children into Formal Education system. CFS centers focus on child labours and provide four hours of informal education and nutrition support to them. At present we have 7 CFS centres, 3 in slums and 4 on construction sites.  474 children have been enrolled in our classes and 40 children have been enrolled back in school through CFS programme.

Help Saath in bringing children out of labour.

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You can help build someone’s future

India Tax Saving Challenge 2012

Like last year, Give India organizes a Tax Challenge event. This online giving event is held from February 21 till March 22, 2012. As the 31st of March is the  deadline for filing tax returns in India, now is the time to donate!

What’s in it for us?
The top 3 of NGOs that raise most funds, will receive a matching grant. In addition there will be daily and weekly surprise grants worth up to 16 lakhs in total!

What’s in it for you?
Indian citizens will receive 100% tax deduction for donations in favour of our organization, as Saath is listed u/s 35 AC of the Income Tax bill.

What’s in it for the community?
The stories on this blog provide you an overview of the kind of work we do. Your donation will support inclusive development in urban and rural areas. Saath is an organization by the community for the community. We initiate, develop and implement programmes that are working towards the employability of youth, getting children out of labour and into school, supplementing nutrition for under nourished children in slums, subsidising a child’s higher education, giving families an opportunity to sustainable livelihoods.

To give you an example: Rs. 500,- provides a healthy meal a day for a child labourer for two months.

What do you need to do?
1.     Click on the followling link
2.     Click the donate tab at the bottom. You can donate via netbanking, credit card or by sending in a cheque to us with the amount you pledge.

Its just a click away!

Thank you for simply taking the time to read this.