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When we visited India our friend asked us if we wanted to visit Saath. We already heard about the good work and projects of Saath so off course we wanted to visit the office.

First we went to a school (non-formal education) in a slum area in Vasna. This school is a place where child-labourers get a chance to get prepared for regular education. Our friend, who’s a researcher at Saath’s RDC, had the idea to make origami flowers….an Indian Lotus and a Dutch Tulip flower! After some practice we were ready to learn the kids how to make it! When we arrived all the kids sat nicely together listening to what the teacher was telling. When we showed them the origami paper everybody got excited. Demian turned out to be the best Tulip origami person. All the boys gathered around him. All the girls went to Simea and Jennecke to make lotusflowers. All the kids did a great job, some already knew how to fold flowers! The boys knew how to make airplanes…so many airplanes flew through the classroom 🙂

It was great fun, and we laughed a lot! At the end everybody received a nice sticker. We left some more so when somebody has a good result he or she receives a sticker! Saath really created the opportunity for these kids to go to school and it was fantastic to be a little part of that!

We continued our journey to the URC office of Saath in Vasna where we met the coordinator and three field-officers.They explained us about the projects and showed us drawings of a new project for affordable housing.

It was a great experience an we truly believe that Saath really makes a difference for a lot of people!

Thanks a lot for your hospitality!

Warm regards,

Demian and Jennecke

Support my School Telethon

NDTV organizes a special event for the Support my School Campaign. On Sunday September 18 there will be a Telethon with Sachin Tendulkar, from 9 am to 9 pm on all NDTV channels. Last Friday NDTV was shooting for this event at Moti Kishol Primary School and Asalgam Primary School in Viramgam. And Saath’s RDC team was there too! The NDTV team interviewed students and teachers of both schools that participated in the SMS campaign.

NDTV in action: Interviewing a student at Moti Kishol Primary School

Support My School is a campaign initiated by NDTV and Coca Cola India and is supported by Charities Aid Foundation India (CAF). The campaign supports schools to improve the infrastructure at their sites. The main components are:
• improve water facilities
• improve sanitation facilities
• provide rain water harvesting
• improve facilities for sports
• facilitate landscaping

Saath’s role concerned the identification of schools and implementation of the programme. To ensure its sustainability, a follow up will be conducted after 6 months of implementation. In April this year Saath started the implementation of the Support My School campaign in 4 urban schools and 5 rural schools in Ahmedabad district.

Playground at Asalgam Primary School facilitated by the SMS campaign

On September 18 there will be a NDTV team stand by for live coverage at Goblej Primary School in Ahmedabad. You’re invited to come to the event or tune in on NDTV.

For more info visit the Support my School page at the NDTV website.

Supportive regards,
Chetasi & Simea – The RDC team

Child against Labour Week at Saath’s Child Friendly Spaces: Give a Hug!

Sugandha Deva is a Bachelor’s in Planning student at NIT-Bhopal. To explore more modules of her study, she chose to join SAATH for a summer internship. The last few she worked with the Child Friendly Spaces for Child Labourers.

On the occasion of International Child Against Labour Day i.e. 13 June 2011, I planned to celebrate the forthcoming week as CHILD AGAINST LABOUR WEEK 2011 (13-17 June 2011) by creating fun filled workshops for children at all the 7 Child Friendly Spaces. This week was themed as family security, called “GIVE A HUG” in which I tried to create activities focused on importance of family and parental love. Along with a fellow intern Trishla Jhaveri (Symbiosis, Pune), we taught poems and songs; origami, told stories and showed movies related to the importance of parental support and their society around them. The children have faced lot of parental pressure in the past, with household work, child labour, often borne to shouting and beatings. We tried to make them understand that inspite of their parents being harsh and even rude at times they dearly love them and care for their welfare. They need to value that their parents try to create a secure life for them. The children were also told that children like us, from better neighbourhoods, face the same problems and we need not hate our parents for their scolding because they love us nevertheless and only shout at us for our betterment.

In “Give a Hug” initiative the children were asked to go home and hug their parents and tell how much they loved them. We even took feedback from the children, and they felt a change in their parents’ behaviour that day, they felt closer to them than ever before. We taught a self composed Hindi poem to illustrate the parents love, affection and empathy to which the children could relate to.

The week spent with the children, visiting all the CFS at the construction site as well as slums was very touching. This campaign of Child Against Labour Week allowed me to take a glimpse in the lives of these young child labours that are craving for love and recognition in society. They wish to study further and live better improved lives. I was mesmerized when fellow teachers from CFS Mangalam Residency and Umanglambha called me the following day and told me that the kids miss me and wished I would come back and spend more time with them. There is nothing more beautiful than spreading more smiles in the world. I am really proud of the work SAATH is doing towards these child labours.

I wish you all the best,

Sugandha Deva

Support My School

We would like to share this email with you that we received recently from the Support My School Team. Together we are making a difference in creating access to education for all in happy and healthy surroundings!

Subject: A Big Thank You from the Support My School Team

Dear Saath,

The promise we made to ourselves and the nation on the 24th January 2011 is bearing fruits thanks to your faith in us. We believe that every child must have an opportunity to study in a healthy and happy surrounding. The “Coca-Cola NDTV Support My School Campaign” (SMS) wants to give the children of India the access to education in surroundings that assures progress as well as promotes health and well being. Our partners UN Habitat, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India, Pearson Foundation and Sulabh International are helping us take this campaign to 100 schools across India thereby impacting the lives of over 50,000 children. The aim is also to develop model schools, which would then impact the way education is imparted in India and become powerful tools of social change.

Since the launch on 24th Jan, SMS has made a lot of progress. CAF team has already identified 100 schools, done their need assessment and finalized the proposals. CAF has also identified the implementing NGOs for each of these schools. Revitalization work of 2 pilot schools got completed by Feb’ 2011. The work in 24 other schools in Haryana, M.P. and Gujarat has started since April, and soon these schools will assume the stature of model schools. Partners are ready to start the work in the other schools as well. Saath is working in Ahmedabad with 8 schools – urban, rural, government and private schools. You can check out the schools on the site.

Much more information on this campaign is available on this website.

Warm regards,

The Support My School Team

Newsletter May 2011

We are happy to share our latest newsletter. The last six months at Saath have been quite exhilarating.

We have been working on new programs and scaling up our established ones. Our staff has been working tirelessly to create inclusive societies.  New interns and volunteers have come in and have added great value to the SAATH family.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donors who have contributed through Global Giving, Give India or our portal. We would also like to thank all our partners in constantly supporting our work.

Thank you!

To read our newsletter click on the following link: Saath Newsletter_05_2011_final