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Connecting Children with Education

Saath runs Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) classes for providing education and nutrition support to children at construction sites. Here’s story Mohanbhai whose children study at one of the CFS classes.

Mohanbhai comes from Galiyapor village and has been working in Ahmedabad since last 3 years. He does plastering work at the construction sites. He and his wife work at the construction sites and they have 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy who are living with them at the sites.

DSC_0004Mohanbhai with his family

Mohanbhai’s girls are Divya (9 year old) and Shilpa (10 year old) and his son is Kishan (8 year old). They are in contact with the Child Friendly Spaces classes run by Saath at the construction sites since past 3 years where first his children used to attend the classes run at Naroda sites and now are attending the classes run in Vasna sites. He is very happy seeing the change in his children and says that before they didn’t know anything, but now are learning very fast and are able to write words in English and Gujarati and his girls especially are very good in reading. He regularly sends his children for the classes and his wife is very happy about the nutrition support provided to their children at the classes. After coming in touch with the classes he has enrolled his children in the school of their village and whenever they go back to village the children study there.

DSC_0062Mohanbhai’s children studying at the CFS class

“My children are getting good education here, and I wish that at all the sites these kind of classes should be run for our children. Saath should continue to work for the education of children at the construction sites as many parents here are not capable enough to send their children to school”, says Mohanbhai.

World Day Against Child labour – 2

Copy of Child Labours Day-12-6-13-3

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Shabnam, Mubirshira and Khalid live in the Fatehwadi area of Juhapura with their parents. Due to poor financial condition they could not continue their studies. To support her family Mubirshira started maid work at a nearby bungalow along with her mother and her brother – sister also started to work at a nearby local store packing food materials. They came into contact of Saath’s field worker and they narrated their story to them. Field worker then met their mother and convinced her to send them to CFS center. Finally she agreed to send them to the CFS center.  All of them were dropouts so CFS centre teacher took initiative and met nearby School’s Principal and tried to convince him to enroll them into School’s STP course.  Principal finally agreed and they were enrolled into STP course.  After completing STP course Shabnam and Khalid got admitted to 2nd standard and Mubirshira was admitted in 3rd standard.“We love to go to the school because teachers are very good and we have made lots of friend here”, says Mubirshira.

World Day Against Child Labour

Today 12th June Saath is observing “World Day Against Child Labour” and theme for this year is “No to Child Labour in Domestic Work”.

Child Labours Day-12-6-13-2

Saath has been addressing the issue of child labour through its ‘Child Friendly Spaces‘ (CFS) programme.

The aim of CFS programme is to enroll the children into Formal Education system. CFS centers focus on child labours and provide four hours of informal education and nutrition support to them. At present we have 7 CFS centres, 3 in slums and 4 on construction sites.  474 children have been enrolled in our classes and 40 children have been enrolled back in school through CFS programme.

Help Saath in bringing children out of labour.

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Tulip Telecom celebrates Joy of Giving!

To celebrate the Joy of Giving week, Tulip Telecom Ltd. decided to do something for a good cause. They approached Saath to help them realize their ideas. During one week employees of Tulip Telecom collected items like toys, clothes, packaged dry food and stationery for Saath’s Child Friendly Spaces for child-labourers (CFS). The collection was a succes and resulted in a station car stuffed with useful items! In total 250 children will be supplied with packaged dry food, slates, penboxes and books.

Last Tuesday a group of Tulip Telecom visited the CFS in Behrampura to distribute some of the collected goods to the children. The rest will be distributed among the remaining 7 CFS centres in the Ahmedabad Area.

On behalf of the children of the CFS we’d like to give a big thank you to the people from Tulip Telecom Ahmedabad!

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