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Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) – Empowering Children with Education

Today we share with you story of Nazma who used to make Rakhi’s at home to help her family and now regularly attends our CFS classes and is soon going to give the exam for 10th Grade to join formal schools.


Nazma is 14 yrs old and is a resident of Fatehwadi, Juhapura area of Ahmedabad. She met Firdausben our CFS teacher during her field visit in the area. Talking with her Firdausben came to know that Nazma has never been to school and makes ‘Rakhi’s’at home to help her family. For making 12 dozen rakhi’s she gets paid Rs. 50. Firdausben came to know that her parents are very reluctant to send girls to school but Firdausben convinced them to come to send Nazma to the CFS classes.

Talking about the class she says, “When I joined the class I entered into a different world where everything was new for me as I had never attended Najma-Habilulla-Kadri-1a class of any kind”. Her parents are migrants from Uttar Pradesh and hence she didn’t know any Gujarati at all. In the class she was very eager to learn and showed a lot of enthusiasm for learning new things. Now, her Gujarati is really good, she reads and writes with full speed and her handwriting’s are something to look at.She further says, “Through the class I got a chance to go to a theater to watch a movie for the first time which was another experience I never had before. I really want to study further and join a school, my dream is to become a Doctor”.

For enrolling Nazma to a formal school Firdausben went to meet her parents. She found out that her parents are illiterate. In their family education is very low and there is reluctance to send their children to school especially girls.  After much counseling of Nazma’s mother and father by Firdausben they have agreed for Nazma to give exam for 10th standard. Now they are also eager for her to give exam and study ahead.

Support My School

We would like to share this email with you that we received recently from the Support My School Team. Together we are making a difference in creating access to education for all in happy and healthy surroundings!

Subject: A Big Thank You from the Support My School Team

Dear Saath,

The promise we made to ourselves and the nation on the 24th January 2011 is bearing fruits thanks to your faith in us. We believe that every child must have an opportunity to study in a healthy and happy surrounding. The “Coca-Cola NDTV Support My School Campaign” (SMS) wants to give the children of India the access to education in surroundings that assures progress as well as promotes health and well being. Our partners UN Habitat, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India, Pearson Foundation and Sulabh International are helping us take this campaign to 100 schools across India thereby impacting the lives of over 50,000 children. The aim is also to develop model schools, which would then impact the way education is imparted in India and become powerful tools of social change.

Since the launch on 24th Jan, SMS has made a lot of progress. CAF team has already identified 100 schools, done their need assessment and finalized the proposals. CAF has also identified the implementing NGOs for each of these schools. Revitalization work of 2 pilot schools got completed by Feb’ 2011. The work in 24 other schools in Haryana, M.P. and Gujarat has started since April, and soon these schools will assume the stature of model schools. Partners are ready to start the work in the other schools as well. Saath is working in Ahmedabad with 8 schools – urban, rural, government and private schools. You can check out the schools on the site.

Much more information on this campaign is available on this website.

Warm regards,

The Support My School Team

Hidden skills come alive

Marie Eichwald is a student of Lycee International, France. In this post she has shared her experience of working with child labourers in a two day activity with them at Saath.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, MGIS and the Lycee International of Saint Germain-en-Laye worked together with the Child Labor school. But really, it was the children who did all the work. One of the activities we proposed was for them to make their own puppets. From a cardboard box cut-out, the children made the most creative and colorful puppets – more than anything I had expected, thanks to the material and markers at their disposal.

Some of these new puppet designers clearly had some experience in sowing. One light skinned girl in blue bangles cut the cloth out as if she were making a top for herself. She chose the material boldly and snapped right ahead to make a stunning puppet.

Others meanwhile, were novices at the art, and were a lot more tentative. One grinning but timid boy was unsure of the material to choose, shy to go forward and take one for himself. When I would give him something, he tilted his ear to his shoulder, neither disagreeing to my choice, nor approving of it. But thanks to group stimulation, he ended up picking up two different patterns I would never have thought of, yet so perfect together. He even added a belt for the effect.

One thing united all the children in their making of one, two, or even three puppets for the most efficient. All of them were calm and quiet, and more than simply implicated in their work. I have the image of a tall boy crouched down in an uncomfortable looking position, meticulously cutting around the puppet’s body, his free hand delicately pressing down the material, in deep absorption in his creation. This image is reflective of the whole group. They took immense pleasure in making the dolls, dressing them according to their own wish, naming them and making each their very own.

All I can hope for is that it was as much an enriching, confidence-boosting experience for them, as it was a memorable and unforgettable one for me. Those kids are adorable, gifted, and so capable of achieving great things. It is essential to give them a chance.

Marie Eichwald (Lycee International)