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India Tax Saving Challenge 2012

Like last year, Give India organizes a Tax Challenge event. This online giving event is held from February 21 till March 22, 2012. As the 31st of March is the  deadline for filing tax returns in India, now is the time to donate!

What’s in it for us?
The top 3 of NGOs that raise most funds, will receive a matching grant. In addition there will be daily and weekly surprise grants worth up to 16 lakhs in total!

What’s in it for you?
Indian citizens will receive 100% tax deduction for donations in favour of our organization, as Saath is listed u/s 35 AC of the Income Tax bill.

What’s in it for the community?
The stories on this blog provide you an overview of the kind of work we do. Your donation will support inclusive development in urban and rural areas. Saath is an organization by the community for the community. We initiate, develop and implement programmes that are working towards the employability of youth, getting children out of labour and into school, supplementing nutrition for under nourished children in slums, subsidising a child’s higher education, giving families an opportunity to sustainable livelihoods.

To give you an example: Rs. 500,- provides a healthy meal a day for a child labourer for two months.

What do you need to do?
1.     Click on the followling link http://www.giveindia.org/iGive-saathcharitabletrust
2.     Click the donate tab at the bottom. You can donate via netbanking, credit card or by sending in a cheque to us with the amount you pledge.

Its just a click away!

Thank you for simply taking the time to read this.

Tulip Telecom celebrates Joy of Giving!

To celebrate the Joy of Giving week, Tulip Telecom Ltd. decided to do something for a good cause. They approached Saath to help them realize their ideas. During one week employees of Tulip Telecom collected items like toys, clothes, packaged dry food and stationery for Saath’s Child Friendly Spaces for child-labourers (CFS). The collection was a succes and resulted in a station car stuffed with useful items! In total 250 children will be supplied with packaged dry food, slates, penboxes and books.

Last Tuesday a group of Tulip Telecom visited the CFS in Behrampura to distribute some of the collected goods to the children. The rest will be distributed among the remaining 7 CFS centres in the Ahmedabad Area.

On behalf of the children of the CFS we’d like to give a big thank you to the people from Tulip Telecom Ahmedabad!

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If you would like to organize a similar event or if you have other ideas to support one of our programmes, please contact the RDC unit at rdc@saath.orgor give us a call (079 26929827)
Financial donations are also welcome ofcourse! Visit our pledgepage at GiveIndia. Until the 20th of October, we will receive a matching grant for your donation!

The India Tax Saving Challenge 2011

In this attempt to raise funds for this organisation, I wanted to do it for the people who have worked selflessly, tirelessly for the thousands of slum residents and vulnerable rural households. If today, Saath reaches over 100,000 households in Gujarat and Rajasthan and hopefully soon Pan-India more, it is because of people who believe in what they do! The money you donate will go towards supporting the programmes they work in – education, health, livelihoods and employability training, linking slum residents to basic services and information, eradicating child labour in urban and rural Ahmedabad, supporting tangaliya, patola artisans in rural Surendranagar and many more.

Our community supporters and Saath to improve the lives of their community members. They inspire people around them to be a part of their own tomorrows – to contribute to it, to take an interest in their own development and look for innovative solutions. Saath’s staff who work tirelessly, with an inner motivation and belief that they are changing lives.Implementing projects, mobilising communities, developing new programmes, supporting finances and administration in Saath and leveraging and linking the market to the Bottom of the Pyramid population.

And lastly, but not the least.. our volunteers, and interns. There have been 100s who have contributed their time, skills to aid in a better tomorrow for children, youth, women, men, differently abled persons, farmers, artisans and so many others.

Saath is an Accredited member of Credibility Alliance.

With this donation, if you are an Indian donor you will receive a tax benefit.

As a foreign donor, you can donate to Saath as it has FCRA registration – but you would not receive any tax benefit.

Click on the link below to start!!


Stepping up to a challenge. Join in.


We thought of trying something new to raise funds.

Through the India Giving Challenge, Give India will match the funds we raise! Below are details about how you can go about it. It would be absolutely great if you could pass this on to those in your networks. The Challenge ends 2nd October – so we have the Joy of Giving Week to raise funds.

Saath has decided to join the India Giving Challenge! And it’s a challenge we cannot win without you.

The amount we raise within this coming week we will get a matching Grant from GiveIndia. It’s a double bonus!!

Our target is:

Rs. 5,00,000   =   ₤7018.57 / € 8,371 / $ 10,948

Why should you donate now?

You will help raise double the amount you donate to Saath!

Your donation will support urban programmes that are working towards employability of youth, getting children out of labour, supplementing nutrition for under nourished children in slums, subsidising a child’s higher education, giving families an opportunity to experience an improved life!

What do you need to do? SIMPLE

  1. Click on http://www.giveindia.org/give/pledgepage/saath
  2. Register with Give India
  3. 9.1% of your donation will go to Give India, the remaining will come to Saath.
  4. Click the donate tab at the bottom and you can donate via netbanking, credit card or by sending in a cheque to the amount you pledge
  5. If you’re from India:  You will receive Income Tax benefits.
    1. If you’re from outside India, then you may not receive a tax rebate but you’re definitely making a huge difference to the life of vulnerable family and that too for as little 3$, €2,₤1.5

Its a click away! Pay it Forward.

Thank you for simply taking the time to read this. Your time is greatly appreciated.

It’s that time of the year to experience the Joy of Giving.

Support SAATH this Holiday

Dear Friends:

SAATH is part of GiveIndia.org’s US 15K End-of-Year Challenge. This holiday, remember the 46.5 million Indians living in slums, and your donation is eligible for a match from GiveIndia.org.

Support SAATH through GiveIndia.org this holiday.

Many times, issues like persistent, extreme poverty seem insurmountable to us.  But the smallest gifts can make the biggest difference. For the 25 percent of urban Indians living on less than $15 per month, a gift of $15 is an investment in a family or person living in extreme poverty. With just $15, you can empower someone to start their own business venture; seek out new forms of employment; or to overcome their disability or disease. Our service users in slum areas pay a token fee for the services we provide. The rest is underwritten by donors like you.

Gifts from US-based donors who utilize GiveIndia.org to make a donation to SAATH between Dec. 15 and 31 are eligible for a match of up to $3,000!

Poverty estimates based on Tendulkar Poverty Report (2009).