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Visit from CCDT – Umeed, Mumbai

Committed Communities Development (CCD) Trust , Mumbai is an organization actively associated with marginalized communities in the slums of Mumbai and its suburbs. Health and Education are two major sectors of their interventions with special focus on family and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.Umeed is a project of CCDT. Umeed envisions empowering children and community through an integrated approach that will make them aware of their rights and strengthen their abilities to lead an enhanced quality of life and contribute positively in the process of development.

Today 8 people from CCDT – Umeed came to visit Saath. They were interested in programmes and their working. They are also running similar programmes in Bandra, Nalasopara and Dahisar area of Mumbai and hence were interested in knowing how Saath executes its programmes and its strategies for involving Government and Communities in their programmes.

Overall orientation of Saath, its history, current programmes and its marketing strategies were given to them. Discussions were made on Programme implementation and its sustainability.

Picture 001-1

“Our team got good exposure in areas of intervention of Saath. Sustainability methods adopted by Saath are good. Programmes of Saath are good, as we CCDT always looks for right based approach. Mr. Kunal Patel and his team gave good exposure to our Umeed team. Wishing good for organization and its people. Thank You, Saath” Parag, Project Coordinator, Ummed – CCDT.

For the pictures of the visit you can go to our facebook page.